Vanitas et Transhumanitas

We are getting closer and closer to modifying our genetics, extending our lifespan, and even modifying and “improving” our human conditions through science and technology to become something else, transhuman.

Vanitas et Transhumanitas is the version of a transhuman that I have imagined. Perhaps, this being has wished to eliminate his or her face by believing that he or she has a beautiful skull, and has wished to keep his or her body obese or neglected as he or she has preferred to devote himself or herself to the contemplative life and the enjoyment of gobbling food without the need to have a limit… artificially he or she can keep his or her body “unhealthy” as it no longer matters to be healthy in order to live many years.

What do you think this transhuman is like? What other modifications would you make if it were in your power?

Technique: Walnut and Bleach applied with brush, cane and nib.
Support: Canson Montval paper. 300 grams.
Size: 19.68 × 25.59 in. / 50 × 65 cm.
Date of creation: April 2022.
Original artwork by the author: David Lopera Gómez.