Symbolic self-portrait

Self-portrait with which I intend to discover who I am as an artist, trying to give answers to the questions: What does it mean to me to be an artist? or Who am I as an artist?

The illustration is accompanied by symbols, on the one hand, the scale that rests on my head has a double meaning, on the one hand, my zodiac sign is Libra, traditionally represented by a scale, I am always balancing and weighing each step I take in life before I take the plunge… typical of me… At some point, the scales tip, so the spheres that fall on me are transformed into pigments for my palette, this represents my passion, drawing, and the eternal struggle between following a more traditional professional path or the path of the artist. Finally, my head is crowned by brushes, which project ideas, things to invent, create and imagine and which finally allow me to draw my own future as I wish.

Technique: Digital painting.
Support: Procreate with IPad
Size: 11.7× 8.3 in. / 21 × 29.7 cm.
Date of creation: October 2021.
Original artwork by the author: David Lopera Gómez.